The purpose of road sweeping is to ensure that roads remain clean and meet public health and safety regulations, meaning a safer environment for people to live and work in. This includes cleaning up mud and debris deposited from construction vehicles leaving building sites.

Our comprehensive fleet of large industrial road sweepers can handle even the most hazardous road spillages, keeping your site clean, safe and working.

We are fully licensed and all our work adheres to the strictest national and European standards.

Small Sweepers:

Our small sweepers are ideal for the upkeep and maintenance of tight spaces such as car parks and loading bays. Over the year’s oil, diesel, petrol and other hazardous substances can and will erode the surface of your space. Cleansweep can save you thousands of euros and prolong the life span of your car park, by keeping it clean and free from the build up of harmful materials. It is much more time and cost effective to maintain your ground surface than it is to resurface it, so do yourself a favor and have it scrubbed and not replaced.