Cleansweep was founded in 1992, initially just as a road sweeping service, starting with just one sweeper catering to small site clearing and maintenance.

Since then we have grown our business steadily adding a number of new road sweepers, and extending our geographical scope, while    adding greatly to our already extensive client base.

Being on site with our clients, we maintained a close watch on their ever changing needs, to help them conform to the stringent health and safety requirements of a very competitive industry. Identifying that our clients required greater scope of cleaning solutions we added new small sweepers to our fleet, to get to the jobs our large sweepers were just too big for.

We also branched out, introducing completely new services to our portfolio. Moving underground we now provide cctv inspections, high pressure drain jetting, and where faulty or leaky pipes are discovered, we now have a highly cost effective system of pipe patching, that negates the need for pipe replacements.

We will continue to add to our services and fleet as our clients needs evolve, ensuring that we are always ready willing and able to meet the most demanding needs of site maintenance.